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.....with a difference.

Many people own a beautiful piece of ceramic art but unfortunately the very nature of ceramics makes it a fragile medium and accidents will happen. When your beloved sculpture is broken it is not necessary to throw away the shards but instead you can have a new piece created for you.

This is where I can help. Rather than just repairing the piece with glue and leaving tell tale signs it has been broken why not highlight these breakages and enhance your art. I am skilled in using industrial resin that is coated in either silver leaf or 22 carat leaf to create rich viens running through the art which I create, and I also use this process to repair broken ceramics.

Below is an example of my individual style of repairing ceramics, which I recently completed for a client. If I can assist you with your repairs please contact me on +44 (0)771 772 7118 or

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